Saving Souls is an organisation based in the UK created in 2017 by Jan Appleby with the main purpose of creating awareness of some of the saddest cases of dog abuse and abandonment happening in Cyprus. This voluntary lead group has rehomed hundreds of unwanted stray dogs and puppies that have either been thrown to the streets by ‘owners’ or have been caught and placed in very basic council pounds without any form of promotion to help find them a new home.  It is essential that the volunteers step in to help these poor dogs, because in Cyprus, council authorities are permitted to euthanise a dog if not claimed within just 14 days. The pounds are an extremely dangerous place for the sick and elderly, disease is rife, yet veterinary care is virtually non-existence. Food is also very scarce as it is fair to say that the council budget does not even cover a tiny amount of what is required because animal welfare has never been high on the Government’s agenda. The volunteers hope to change all this by re-educating the wider Cypriot community to change the consensus that dogs are still seen as pests.

Working closely with Dee Arp, also a trustee of the UK Charity DOG Rescue Cyprus, Saving Souls have commence a new and exciting project called ‘DRC Saving Souls’ which aims to provide even more support for the initial rescue of an abandoned dog, the care it requires whilst in Cyprus and finally the onward promotion and adoption in the UK. Just like Jan, Dee shares an immense passion to reach out to the most vulnerable of dogs in desperate need.

The use of social media has been the most powerful tool in arousing public support and the group is now able to fundraise via Facebook to get the funds in place to pay for boarding kennels, veterinary care and flights to the UK.

DRC Saving Souls is committed to identifying and helping those dogs in need the most, the ones who are fighting for survival, that have fallen victim to cruelty. But they cannot do this without your help. Will you join us with our lifelong commitment to these dogs by sharing our social media post, supporting us financially if you can or simply offering us words of encouragement when the odds are stacked up against us? Our group is strong and mighty and together we can do this.

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